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Sessions & Fees
  • $185 for initial diagnostic interview appointments

  • $175 for individual 60 minute counseling sessions

  • $150 for individual 45 minute counseling sessions (This rate will be increasing to $161 on 8/1/22).

  • I am a preferred provider on the PacificSource panel.

  • If you have are a member of another insurance plan, I am happy to work with you.  I gladly will provide you with a Super Bill (receipt) to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

  • Many insurance companies provide substantial benefits for out of network providers. Ask your insurance company the questions below to verify reimbursement rates.

Questions To Ask Your Insurance Company

If you do want to utilize your insurance benefits I recommend that you call the customer service number on the back of your card, and ask the following:

  • What mental health benefits are covered by my plan?

  • What are my "out-of-network out-patient mental health benefits?"

  • Do you cover Telehealth?

  • What is my "out-of-network deductible and does it apply to out-of-network mental health visits?"

  • What is my copayment or coinsurance for "out-of-network out-patient mental health visits?"

  • Do I need pre-authorization for mental health services to be covered?

  • Is there a limit to how many sessions will be covered?

This quick check with your health insurance customer service department should clarify what mental health coverage you have, and what your co-pay and/or deductible will be.

I accept cash, VISA/Mastercard, and personal checks for payment.  Payments are due at the beginning of session or service.

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